Local people

Morvoren - the mermaid (Gabby)

Moroven – the mermaid

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mint window

Self seeding

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Cathy and Natasha - reception world book day

Cathy and Natasha at Campsbourne.

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South View View

South View gallery

Andrew MacDonald portraits

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" quite early one morning" ally pally lisa Chris

Quite early one morning

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Heritage-Hero-Award-title-card (1)

Congratulations to all our litter pickers: Heritage Hero Award

All the people who have helped clean up Ally Pally have just won a Heritage Hero Award for all their hard work for the last 12 months; whether they once picked up litter as they went for a walk or went out every day with sacks. Video here. Louise Stewart describes the huge impact the […]

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david bird poo

Newly arrived peregrine falcon at Ally Pally

A pair of peregrine falcons have set up home at Ally Pally. When diving, falcons are the fastest animal on earth. The photo is taken by Hawthorn wildlife photgrapher David Waite.

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dolls of life Branwen

Celebrating International Women’s Day

In celebration, we feature the work of Branwen. She is 15, lives on North View, and runs the organisation Dolls of Life, which supports girls with facial disfigurements in Ethiopia. Branwen raised money for five Ethiopian girls to receive facial reconstructive surgery through Project Harar, a local charity. Branwen’s doll great animation is here. Email: […]

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Chrstina Folkard - ice skating

Ice skating at home

How to make a little ice rink at home and ice animals to go skating.

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falling away

‘Falling Away’

Gothic self portrait inspired by a gig by The Damned. Pixlr – free photoshop-type app for tablet, laptop or phone.

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