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Baby bee

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mason bee

Newly emerged adult red mason bee (female)

The cocoons (see previous photos) began to hatch on April 18th. This female mason bee will find flowers so she can eat nectar. She will mate and lay her eggs in a cell provisioned with nectar and pollen for the larvae to live on. The cell is then plugged with mud. The bees then die. […]

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Female solitary bee laying down pollen stores and eggs in sealed cells.

A short video here of a solitary bee laying down pollen to feed her eggs when they hatch, and sealing up the chambers. She turns around and has a little clean, and a little rest before going to get more pollen.

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gabby collage

Wild World – collage

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mason cocoons

Mason bee cocoons

Mason bees

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Solitary bee nest box

Information on solitary bees

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gabby save the bees

Hands up!

Planting wldflower seed for pollinators.

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hoppy easter


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bumble on iris - hawthorn


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kate peregrines

Mating falcons on the Palace

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