Beechwood community plot

Plant list
These plants have been chosen to provide nectar, pollen and habitat for pollinators such as moths, butterflies, bees, hoverflies and beetles. They are also free self-seeders, drought-tolerant and will look after themselves once established. If the plant is loved by one particular insect, it is listed below.
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Early spring flowering 
iris reticulata. Short early flowering iris

Late spring flowering
White campion  – perennial – easy self seeding
White argyranthemum
Alchemlia mollis – perennial
Erigeron  – perennial – easy self seeding, mat forming
Centranthus ruber alba – perennial – easy self seeding

Early summer flowering
California poppies red and yellow – annual – easy self seeding
Welsh poppies – perennial easy, self seeding
Feverfew – short lived perennial – easy self seeding
Salvia nemorosa – perennial
Campanula – evergreen perennial, mat forming
Hardy geranium Rozanne – perennial

Late summer flowering
Nasturtium – annual, easy self seeding
Verbena bonariensis  – perennial, easy self seeding
Verbena rigida – perennial
Sedum – perennial

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wild flowers blowing in
Medick – tiny yellow flowers related to clover
Chickweed – tiny white flowers
Plantain – perennial
Knot grass

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Below: Before planting

Below: After six weeks.

purple flower – hardy geranium Rozanne
white daisies – Mexican fleabane (erigeron karvinskianus)
white clusters of flowers – valerian rubus