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Palace View Mutual Aid


Concerned parents, teachers and school governors in Hornsey called a meeting on Sunday 16th March 2020 to organise a local response to the Covid virus, to help the most vulnerable people in our community.  At the meeting, local, active community members gathered – of residents’ associations, neighbourhood watches,  church groups, schools, councillors, and others. Together they decided to set up a network of 13 Covid Mutual Aid groups across Hornsey, run through Whatsapp groups.
The Hornsey Mutual Aid network has a steering group to co-ordinate wider planning. That steering group is made up of street group admins, councillors, school governors, and others who led the first meeting. 

To join us: email [email protected]

Please note that we exist to offer very practical neighbour-to-neighbour support. We do not exist as a discussion forum, or a political/campaigning platform. We are non-partisan and not in the business of self-promotion.
We do not offer any formal or official medical advice or offer counselling or therapy. We are not qualified or placed to offer medical or official help. 

Mutual Aid Network


Thank you to everyone who has donated time, money, goods, ideas and goodwill to help the group thrive.
Neighbour John Mac Donald kindly donated his time and expertise to build this website. Contact him at Mac Productions. 
Continued neighbourhood kindness, patience and empathy will keep us running steady.