Getting Help

Our Mutual aid

We are neighbours helping neighbours on our four streets – North View, South View, Hawthorn and Beechwood Roads. Please just ask for help as and when you need it. It is freely given and we ask nothing in return.



We are not offering professional or medical support and can give no formal or official advice.

We can help with:

  • Arranging deliveries
  • Support calls, providing a friendly ear
  • Topping up gas & electric keys
  • Organsing urgent supplies

Where possible, deliveries should be paid by bank transfer or Paypal.

To get help, please call 07905311741 or email [email protected]

Medical advice is available by calling 111 or 101. Call 999 in an emergency.

For any questions, concerns, problems or feedback please call 07905311741 or email [email protected]


Official sources of Covid help

Emotional support

Support for over 55s

Support for survivors facing current or historical sexual abuse