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Congratulations to all our litter pickers: Heritage Hero Award

All the people who have helped clean up Ally Pally have just won a Heritage Hero Award for all their hard work for the last 12 months; whether they once picked up litter as they went for a walk or went out every day with sacks.

Video here.

Louise Stewart describes the huge impact the clear ups have made – rescuing the park from inundation. The park received five million visits (a 70% increase on the year before). 26 tonnes of litter was collected from the park in May 2020 alone.

“Not knowing who all the volunteers are, we haven’t been able to reach them all. So the Heritage Hero Award will really allow us to thank all the people who did step up and help, and really show them and tell them how much they were appreciated… We wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time.”  

You can read more in this article.

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