Gill's b bean collage

A year in the life of Beechwood broadbeans

In December 2020 seeds were planted inside, using in loo roll centres. They sprouted in January.  They flower here in May 2021 outside. The beans are harvested around August. The seeds from some of the pods can be saved and dried. They can then be planted at any point from October to April, for a […]

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Fran's green at allotment

Super Salad

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Jane M - apply Pally blossom

Crab apple bloom – Ally Pally

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filipa passion curd cake

Sponge with passion fruit curd

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katy cress heads

Cress Heads

Grow cress heads

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Fab:ergé eggs

Naturally dyed eggs. Great dyes include onions, red cabbage, nettle, beetroot and tumeric. See more on Kibi’s Insta page. Read about the history of Russian Fabergé eggs.    

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Antonia cake

Eggsellent cake

Nigella’s recipe for Easter Nest Cake.

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Nightingale pizza


MJ & Ale authentic Italian pizza from Italians 500g 00 flour 500g Water 0.5g dry yeast Leave the ingredients overnight at room temperature The morning after mix the above with 500g flour 200g water (added slowly) 0.5g dry yeast At the end 25g salt 30g olive oil Mix until smooth and not sticky Then close […]

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cavelo in the rain - gill - amended

Beechwood cavelo in the rain

Cavelo nero is an easy ‘cut and come again’ green winter veg to grow, wonderful fried in butter and garlic, or steamed. This brassica makes wonderful, quick crisps, baked in the oven; full of nutrition, high in vitamins A &C, calcium and fibre. You can sow seeds in March for an early crop, and thereafter […]

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filipa flapjacks 1


Mary Berry flapjack recipe, with added dried apricots and chopped almonds.

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