Paul Roditi

Sadly, Paul Roditi, long time resident of North View, died on 26th May 2022.

Paul set up and administered the North View Neighbourhood Watch. He strongly supported the establishment of

our mutual aid group in 2020, a good neighbour and friend to a lot of local people in his decades living in North View.








 Paul was a generous benefactor to the new Hornsey Food Bank, a cause close to his heart. (Illustration below by Alison Gardiner).                                               

He was a delighted member of our neighbourhood art groups, set up through Covid. He enjoyed experimenting with colour and media, natural inspirations and forms.   (These nature pictures are his).                                                                                                                                               



 He enjoyed taking part of the North View advent window project in 2020, celebrating comets

        and Paul organised the Halloween Play  Out last year, to the joy of dozens of kids. 


Paul was a guitarist and singer, a valued, long-standing member of the London arts community and he will be much missed.

He has a bench dedicated on the south slope of Alexandra Palace Park – a place he described as his spiritual home.