Litter Team

To join the Palace View litter picking group, please contact Elli at   [email protected]

Our area of focus for litter picking is highlighted below.

Friends of Ally Pally notes for volunteer liter pickers

Thank you for joining the band of volunteers who are helping to keep Alexandra Park clear of litter, despite the daily dump of amazing quantities of bottles, cans, plastic of all sorts and many other things best not described. Our aim is simply to clear the park of as much litter as possible while the John O’Conner grounds maintenance team deal with the bins. They aim to empty all the bins at least once a day.

The following are a few points to bear in mind to ensure you stay safe and find it a gratifying effort:
Use a litter picker and black bags (we will provide both).

  • Wear gloves (rubber, gardening, disposable – we can provide if you have nothing suitable)
  • Don’t pick up any animal or human waste
  • Don’t pick up anything you don’t like the look of
  • When a bag is full or too heavy to carry, tie it up and leave by one of the bins in the park
  • If park users approach you, make clear you are a volunteer, not employed by or organised by the Palace (to deflect complaints, or the expectation you will deal with some issue).

If you see any anti-social, criminal and/or dangerous behaviour call the police non-emergency number 101, or if it is an emergency 999. The Alexandra Palace security team have strictly limited responsibilities and resources, but for less serious problems call them on 020 8365 4331

For more general info on litter-picking contact [email protected]

Please see also the Alexandra Park corona virus guidelines.

If the area you have agreed to cover is already clear of litter, try the Pitch and Putt course and the grassy areas between there and the Bedford Road entrance – we haven’t got those areas covered yet.